Christmas market Düsseldorf market square

Surprise your partner with my Düsseldorf Christmas market itinerary!

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Düsseldorf - Top city in North Rhine-Westphalia

Düsseldorf is the capital city of North Rhine-Westphalia and is becoming more and more popular with not only people choosing to live there but also with tourists wanting to visit this trendy, cosmopolitan city.

Located on the River Rhine, Düsseldorf is an attractive, sophisticated place to relax and enjoy a wander through the city or just sit down and watch the world go by. Düsseldorf’s old town is affectionately known as the longest bar in the world because it has more than 350 bars, pubs and clubs. 

Düsseldorf – a hub for fashion, music and art

Shopping mall Düsseldorf

Do you love shopping?

Düsseldorf is also a popular and trendy city for fashion with its many designer shops, design studios and academies. The art and music scene are vibrant in Düsseldorf and you’ll find many art schools and academies throughout the city.

Kunstsammlung K21 Düsseldorf

Is art your thing?

Museums like the Kunstsammlung NRW Art Museum, Kunstpalast and the NRW-Forum are only some of the many cultural sights the city has to offer. With a population of only around 600,000, Düsseldorf is relatively small, making it easy to get around on foot or by tram to explore some of the more hidden districts away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre. 

Christmas market Düsseldorf market square

Christmas markets

If you’re thinking of visiting a Christmas market in Germany this year, I can highly recommend the fabulous market in my hometown of Düsseldorf. There are around six Christmas markets spread around Düsseldorf’s city centre – all within walking distance. Direct flights are currently available from various UK airports. An added bonus is that Düsseldorf Airport is only a 15-minute taxi ride away from the city centre. 

Old Town Düsseldorf restaurant

How about a romantic dinner?

My itinerary includes a list of fabulous hotels right in Düsseldorf's city centre or close by and top restaurants to enjoy a romantic dinner.

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This guide is brought to you by Nadja from Nadja's Germany. I’ve always believed that if you do as much planning as possible before you go away, you will get the most out of your precious holiday or short break once you’re there. 

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Being German gives me the advantage of being able to do a lot of the leg work for you when it comes to researching and contacting various places. I’m then able to offer advice and even do some research for you.

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Ready to explore Düsseldorf's Christmas markets?

Trust me! You won't be disappointed in visiting Düsseldorf at Christmas time. The atmosphere is very festive and you'll be impressed by the amount of shopping places to get some nice Christmas gifts! 

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